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Busy weekend--Pakistan and Nepal customers both visit us on the same day!

16 Nov 2015 -

It 's been a super busy weekend,  both pakistan and Nepal customer chose to come on the same day ---saturday, 14th.  but after negotiation, Pakistan customer agreed to come earlier to have enough time talking on 13th Nov. 

Pakistan Nisar want to buy HDPE color masterbatches for coloring their HDPE rope,  who used to buy directly in the local market, but now trying to buy directly from 

China factory, we have been talking for nearly one month by mails and skype, it's great talk between us . in the meeting room, we were happy to know that high quality, no color dropping master batches are what they are looking for, and it's our strength , we could make the masterbatches color according to their demands. 

We have such a smooth talk, and make a deal to do more business together ! 

HDPE Rope for making masterbatches

Nepal customers' product is PP paint bottles, 20kg big size container, due to the moutainous roads in Nepal, which requires high impact strength and anti-break properties, though had used other suppliers' impact modifiers, yet this problem could not be solved properly.  price is sensitive to nepal market, so we recommended our A-6698 impact modifiers, which is updated version of A-669 impact modifiers, while more competitive in price and good performance to for the sensitive market. 

Times goes by quickly when you are focusing on something and work hard on it, finally the harvest comes to give big surprise for the great efforts paid!