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                                                Jindaquan Argiope ® Plastic Fire Retardant Application

Jindaquan Argiope ® 


PE   ABS  Copo-PP Homo-PP PET V0 UL94 Level
V1 UL94 Level V2 UL94 Level
P-15 Fire Retardant

P-16 Fire Retardant

P-19 Fire Retardant

P-23 Fire Retardant

P-25 Fire Retardant

P-24 Fire Retardant

P-28 Fire Retardant

P-29 Fire Retardant

Requirements for V-0

  1. The specimens may not burn with flaming combustion for more than 10 seconds after either application of the test flame.
  2. The total flaming combustion time may not exceed 50 seconds for the 10 flame applications for each set of 5 specimens.
  3. The specimens may not burn with flaming or glowing combustion up to the holding clamp.
  4. The specimens may not drip flaming particles that ignite the dry absorbent cotton located 300 mm below the test specimen.
  5. The specimens may not have glowing combustion that persists for more than 30 seconds after the second removal of the test flame.

Our Flame retardant is Dripping type, when dripping it take away the heat, thus give fire retardancy function.  PP V0 ul94 Flame Retardant is our main flame retardants, which is very good for non-wowen fibers , boards, sheets, ect. and export in tons to customers. 

Belowed are som pictures showing the test procedures: 

PP UL94 V0 Flaming test