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OPEC cut output of oil to increase oil prices--recycled plastics get profit ?

05 Nov 2016 - Plastics recycling modification,plastics additives impact modifier,oil prices,recycle plastics

As it's known to all ,  now the Plastics raw material prices keep increasing . many customer complains , and now resort to use the recycled plastic material for replace the virgin materials . but recycled materials has poor plastic properties like the impact strength , tougheness and easy to get breakage , weatherability is bad too. so they call us for the plastic additives impact modifier to solve these problems .  

But Why plastic materials raw materials goes up ? 

Burgeoning Oil Prices – OPEC Fortune

Oil producers always look for higher oil prices, and why not? It improves profitability, makes more funds available for the development of oil and gas resources and meets the ever-growing budgetary requirements of the governments.

Oil prices continued to push higher Thursday, building on gains following the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ agreement to cut output.

OPEC’s surprise proposal prompted the largest daily gains in crude prices since April on Wednesday, and the rally continued Thursday even as many investors have raised questions about whether the cartel’s members would stand by an agreement and over how much sway the cartel now has over a market still brimming with crude from around the world.

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Plastics recycling modification is also an important project because the limited Oil natural sources and high quality demand on the recycled plastics products . jindaquan company plastic additives is created to solve this problem , we are happy to contribute our efforts on the plastics recycling modification progress .