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Mid-autumm Festival Moon Cake gifts from jindaquan impact modifiers company

23 Oct 2015 - jindaquan,impact modifiers

 Every year on 15th August of chinese lunar calendar Mid-autumm Festival is big traditional event in china, This year jindaquan plastic impact modifiers company make it bigger event for us and our family . Last weekend i got a call from my mom far away in hometown telling with smiles that she received the moon cakes comes with a thank-you letter. Here on behalf of other colleagues and their families including my families, i sinceresly express our truly thanks from heart . It's really sweet to join a company who cares you in details. Many thanks !     

Sending Moon cakes to domestic customers is also a tradion to jindaquan companies. Here i represent jindaquan company to wish all customers and friends a happy Mid-autumm festivals and enjoy great time with family members together in advance!

jindaquan mid autumm festival gift

jindaquan moon cake gift and thank-you letter