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Jindaquan staffs get together to celebrate the 2015 Christmas

24 Dec 2015 - chritmas jindaquan,impact modifiers

Though Christmas is not a traditional festival in china, yet Jindaquan company (plastic impact modifiers factory) and staffs all love the christmas season so much. we love it because Christmas is a blessing season with lots of joys, happiness and best wishes. 

christmas decorating

Every year before the christmas eve around 22th we start to decorate the christmas tree and office, make it as beautiful as an attractive place to Santa, so he will bring us lots of amazing gifts, what a funny and interesting ativity and story hahaha 

decorating the office for christmas

Our boss as the Christmas sata do bring us lovely gifts. every year on christmas eve we looks like the children when receive APPLLES from the "Santa". Foreign friends might be confused why "Chinese Santa" give Apples as christmas eve, it's because we call christmas eve "PING AN NIGHT" , PINGAN means "safety and health" and PING is spelled as PINGGUO in chinese which is Apple. this is why we like to eat APPLE on christmas eve which could bring us health and safety. 

merry christmas dear

7christmas eve

With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you. Merry Christmas !!!!