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2017 JINDAQUAN company outdoor training

07 Aug 2017 - Jindaquan,teamwork

                                                                                             2017 JINDAQUAN company outdoor training 

During 14th to 15th July , Jindaquan sales team attend outdoor training in one of the islands in shenzhen city .

train starting

It was super hot summer here these days , but the trainees did best to fullfill the task the Training Instructor requests. 

stand in line

water tank filling competition

It is mainly about teamwork cooperation training , every project success cant leave any member effort.  everyone is very friendly and nice to help each other , eventhough they are all from different companies . teamwork makes every one into a great unity when processing the task . 

whole person through a small hole

getting food stuffs for cooking dinner

we should win our drinks


We love this training , even though we got a lot of punishments because failing the task , and very tired , but it teached us a lot of things , how to think and how to cooperate to make work as better as possible , and cooperate better with customer to achieve more in our daily job . 

go climbing


We would be waiting 2018 training soon !  it would be another renew for Jindaquan company team . 

shenzhen jindaquan team