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For PVC product, what's the difference by using our toughening agent and ACR, DOP, MBS ?

20 Feb 2016 - toughening agent,mbs,acr,dop,pvc impact modifier

A-6028 impact modifier/toughening agent for PVC  different from MBS , ACR, DOP, CPE Model:

1) Only need to add very small percentage: 0.4%-0.6%
2) For the low addition percentage,  it obviously decreases shipping and storage cost
3) extremely high impact strength or toughness improvement performance, which is 5-6 multiple higher than famous analogs like CPE, MBS,ACR and DOP
4) keep good brighness effect on the final products surface.
5) Also improve the overal properties of the applied plastics raw material PVC
6) has excllent dispersion and compatibility with the raw materials
7) give smooth good touch feel on the final products