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1.Functions of Plastic additives Impact Modifiers ( toughening agent )

08 Apr 2017 - plastic additives,impact modifiers,toughening agent

Impact Modifiers (also called toughening agent) ‘s functional action process is like “plastic resin and  impact modifiers (toughening agents) mutually dissolving with each other” But Impact modifiers (toughening agent) is different from common solvents, for that the former one will keep remaining in the polymers and proceed chemical reaction with it to form solids .While the later one would volatilize during the production process. After adding the impact modifiers (toughening agents), plastic softness/flexibility/modulus of flexure/cold resistance and elongation at break would get improved, meanwhile decrease the harness/modulus/glass transition temperature/melting points/softening temperature or flow temperature, thus increase the viscosity and the fluidity, so production processability get improved too.