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Do your impact modifier has good performance for recycled ABS materials?

17 Dec 2015 - abs impact modifier,impact modifier for recycled abs,impact modifier

Question : My product is Recycled TV Television Cabinet( ABS masterial), after second pelleting, it's very crisp and brittle, impact strength only has 3J, can your ABS impact modifier / toughening agent help on this ? how much do the impact strength and toughness could get improved? 

Answer : As the plastic material was exposed to the air too long, and after plastic reprocessing, the plastics original properties decreased draftly , so the Flexural Strength and tensile strength also declines to very low level. But after adding our ABS impact modifier A-688, it could be improved to 12-13J from 3J, performance is obvious.  JINDAQUAN plastic impact modifiers give excellent performance by repairing and fixing the high chemial polymers ,  not only improve the toughness physically. so our impact modifier offer more stable perfomance, ensure good quality for your use.