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Jindaquan impact modifier replacement to MBS ACR CPE POE ect

13 Oct 2016 - plastic modification,MBS,POE,SBS,CPE,ACR,plastic impact modfier

Jindaquan plastic impact modifier is much superior than Competitors' MBS ACR NBR CPE POE ect in many terms :

1) Only need to add very small percentage: 0.4%-4%
2) For the low addition percentage,  it obviously decreases shipping and storage cost
3) extremely high impact strength or toughness improvement performance, which is 5-6 multiple higher than famous analogs like CPE, MBS,ACR and DOP
4) Bring no adverse effect on plastic raw materials other properties like flame retardancy , transparency, brightness ect. 
5) has excllent dispersion and compatibility with the raw materials. 

Question : What models of your jindaquan chemicals could perpectly replace CPE , MBS , ACR and DOP ?

Answer : 

Plastics materials competitors impact modifier or Plasticizer Jindaquan impact mdifier model Main Application
A-6649 ;  A-6641; A-688; A-662 Cases ; Backage; Car parts materials; pelleting ; extrusion board ect.
HIPS  SBS A-658 ; A-656 recycled HIPS modification ; pelleting ;  extrusion board ect.
PP PE POE ; EVA A-6698 ; A-6689 ; A-8523  blowing films , bags , sheets , boards ,pipes , Fruit Basket , Baskets ,pelleting ,ect.
PC / PC+ABS alloy MBS A-698 ; A-698A; A-6641; A-6649  PC  modification , pelleting , injection , extrusion, ect 
PVC CPE ; ACR ; MBS ; DOP ; NBR A-6698; A-6028  Profiles , Pipes , hoses , boards , sheets ect. 
PMMA MBS A-658 ; A-609 ;  PMMA modification , pelleting , boards , injection , extrusion, ect 
PA POE  A-665; A-6651  nylon modification,  filaments  ect .  
PET  GMA A-680 ; A-608E; A-868  PET  modification , pelleting , injection , extrusion, ect 

Or Please tell us your inquiry and problem ,  we will suggest you best grade of impact modifier for using accordingly