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Western Customer Test Feedback of our A-698 PC impact modifier

31 May 2016 - PC impact modifier,impact modifier test,PC impact modifier test,polycarbonate impact modifier

A-698 impact modfier is specially for PC materials , recently our USA customer happily shared the very good feedback of its test result on its Polycarbonate product, and starting to buy in bulk regularly . 

Here is the Video link (www.impact-modifiers.com)he sent us when they are doing the testing (On the bottom part on the page). From the vedio we could see he is very amazing to find that there's no any breaking to the PC parts after several minutes 

of hitting by a big hammer. "It's Really Crazy !!! " 

PC impact modifier test

The reason why our Polycarbonate impact modifier is so amazing, because : 

1) we have 18 years experience manufacturing the plastic impact modifier, 

2) Our Engineer have 18 years working experience in the plastic modification , who is now starting to edit the plastic modification book for the University . 

3) Our impact modifier not only has good performance on improve the impact strength / toughness  by also highly improve the compatibility of the materials . 


pc impact modifier test good