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Jindaquan ARGIOPE® PE Polyethylene Impact Modifier Application

12 Aug 2021 - PE impact modifier,impact modifier,jindaquan impact modifier,polyethylene impact modifier

Mainly Polyethylene is used in packaging like plastic bagplastic filmsgeomembranes, containers including bottles, etc.

If you find the containers are easy to get breake, packing bags or films are shock specially in cold winter ect.  But jindaquan ARGIOPE® Polyethylene impact modifiers could help your PE products start becoming a competitive product in the market.

below are our recommended models for you: A-669A-6698A-6692A-608, A-399

Jindaquan ARGIOPE® PP impact modifiers Function:

-Improve impact strength, toughness, shock resistance, cold impact strength, 

-Improve low temperature flexibility,softness

-Improve  weatherbility,durability and anti-aging . keep good plasticization products at the low temperature.

Jindaquan ARGIOPE® PE Polyethylene impact modifiers Advantage:

low dosage 0.2%-0.4% only gets 40%-60% improvement in toughness/impact resistance/weatherbility 

Difference between each models: 

A-669 PE Impact Modifier:  more suitable for higher demanded high-end product, and less sensitive in price. 

A-6698 PE Impact Modifier more cost effective compared to A-669 model,  

A-6692 PE Impact Modifier:  better for blow molding PE products and specific demand for elogation. 

A-608 PE Impact Modifier:  Transparent Granule Impact Modifiers specially for transparent plastics applications will not effect the original PE transparency, perfect for transparent Polyethylene products

A-399 PE Impact ModifierCould also improve the brightness, gloss, shinning and fluidity.