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Jindaquan ARGIOPE ® PVC polyvinyl chloride Impact Modifier Application

12 Aug 2021 - PVC impact modifiers,polyvinyl chloride Impact Modifier

PVC is used inconstruction for pipe and in profile applications such as doors and windows. It is also used for bottles, other non-food packaging, and cards (such as bank or membership cards). In this form, it is also used in plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, signage, inflatable products, and many applications where it replaces rubber.

sometimes you find the PVC pipes are easy to get breake, the impact strength is not good enough to reach higher level quality; PVC profiles are shock and very hard specially in cold winter ect.  Or maybe you want to develop a new PVC products with high impact demand. Here jindaquan ARGIOPE® PVC polyvinyl chloride impact modifiers could help your  products start becoming a high quality competitive product in the market.

below are our recommended models for you: A-669A-6028,  

Jindaquan ARGIOPE® PVC impact modifiers Function:

-Improve impact strength, toughness, shock resistance, cold impact strength, 

-Improve low temperature flexibility,softness

-Improve  weatherbility,durability and anti-aging . keep good plasticization products at the low temperature.

Jindaquan ARGIOPE® PVC polyvinyl chloride impact modifiers Advantage:

low dosage 2%-4% only gets 40%-60% improvement in toughness/impact resistance/weatherability 

Difference between each models: 

A-669 PVC Impact Modifier:  Granule form impact modifier for PVC, better for rigid PVC

A-6028 PVC Impact Modifier:   liquids form impact modifier for PVC, better for flexible PVC