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Jindaquan ARGIOPE ® AS SAN Impact Modifier Application

10 Oct 2015 - AS Impact Modifier,SAN impact modifiers

SAN / AS main applications in:

Electronic lenses , Automotive instrument lenses
Dust covers
Cups, toothbrush handles, trays, containers
Industrial battery cases, knobs, dials switches
Tractor components, automotive trim, marine instruments
Instrument panels, swimming pool components

If you find the SAN AS Cases are easy to get breake and brittle, SAN Houseware are shock specially in cold winter ect.  But jindaquan ARGIOPE® Styrene Acrylonitrile
impact modifiers could help your AS resin / SAN products start becoming a high quality competitive product in the market.

below are our recommended models for you: A-688A-865A-6091

Jindaquan ARGIOPE® SAN / AS Styrene Acrylonitrile impact modifiers Function:
-Improve impact strength, toughness, shock resistance, cold impact strength, 
-Improve low temperature flexibility,softness
-Improve  weatherbility,durability and anti-aging . keep good plasticization products at the low temperature.

Jindaquan ARGIOPE® SAN / AS Styrene Acrylonitrile impact modifiers Advantage:
low dosage 0.2%-4% only gets 40%-60% improvement in toughness/impact resistance/weatherability 

Difference between each models: 
A-688 Impact Modifier:   Granule Impact Modifiers for AS SAN
A-865  Impact Modifier:  Transparent Granule Impact Modifiers for AS SAN , specially for transparent AS SAN plastics applications will NOT effect the original AS SAN transparency, perfect for transparent AS SAN products modification
A-6091 Impact Modifier:   liquids form Impact Modifiers for AS SAN